This makes me kinda sad

IE6 on a Mac
IE6 on a Mac

This makes me a kinda sad. Do you see why? It’s Internet Explorer 6. But more: it’s Internet Explorer 6, installed on my Mac. :(

This happened because the Acer laptop that I have been using up until this point to test sites on IE died. It had a long life, for an Acer—5 years. And now, it’s gone forever. RIP, Acer.

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2 thoughts on “This makes me kinda sad”

  1. I thought you gave up on IE6? And I thought Acer died a long time ago and thats why pickles bought a macbook?

  2. Those statements are both true.

    I have given up on IE6, more or less, and the Acer did die a long time ago.

    That said, I have been using IEs 4 Linux for a couple years to test sites on the Acer.

    When the Acer died a couple years ago, I brought it back to life by reformatting it and installing Ubuntu. That kept it going for a while until a couple days ago when it would no longer recognise that it had a hard disc inside it, and it started making disconcerting clicking noises.

    I use IE6 just to see what IE6 is doing to my sites, and to see if I can live with that. And, if my sites happen to work on IE6, then so much the better for the people who use it. :P

    Now, I’m using IEs 4 Mac, which is good, as far as programmes that make your computer run IE6 go.

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