Pancakes, really?

What? Pancakes?
What? Pancakes?

I saw this at the Métro supermarket. (Yes, confusingly enough for people not from around here, the supermarket in my neighbourhood is called “Métro,” and it is just down the street from the subway, which is also called a “Métro.”)

What’s shocking about it is that it’s pancakes.

In a bag.

Why are there pancakes in the bag?

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2 thoughts on “Pancakes, really?”

  1. The French (and other people I’m sure) use crepes more like soft tortilla shells than as pancakes. When I was in Quebec I went to a restaurant called “le Creperie” (or something like that anyway), and they served crepes with all manner of fillings. I had one with spicy sausage, mushrooms, cheese, and jalapeños. Yum!

  2. Yeah, I’ve had crêpes of that sort before, and it’s not the concept of crêpes used as a non-breakfast food that bugs me. It’s that they’re in a bag.

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