This makes me kinda sad

IE6 on a Mac
IE6 on a Mac

This makes me a kinda sad. Do you see why? It’s Internet Explorer 6. But more: it’s Internet Explorer 6, installed on my Mac. :(

This happened because the Acer laptop that I have been using up until this point to test sites on IE died. It had a long life, for an Acer—5 years. And now, it’s gone forever. RIP, Acer.

Il pleut

So it rained today and it rained a lot.

I learned something though. The shoes that I wear are cracked along the bottom. (I knew that already, actually.) Otherwise, they’re fine, and so about a month ago, Pickles glued the sole of my shoe together. It’s barely noticeable.

What I learned through the rain is that even though my shoe was glued back together, it is not waterproof, and not suitable for use in the wintertime. I need to buy new boots. Cold feet are terrible.

McGill O-Week

O-Week at McGill
O-Week at McGill

It’s O-Week here at McGill, and I’m reminded of that every time I pass through campus. There are a few tell-tale signs:

  • Students are wearing matching t-shirts, and the girls have cut their shirts up so that you can see more of their skin.
  • Students are drunk in the middle of the day.
  • Students are walking around in groups based on their faculties and yelling at each other.