TA evaluation

TA evaluation
My TA evaluation, on the side of my fridge

This week, I went in to the office of the department of philosophy and got my evaluation from last semester’s TA-ship. This is the students’ chance to evaluate the TA, and it is done online, anonymously, and the results aren’t given back until well after the course is completed.

I was very pleased to see that in answer to the statement, “The TA was effective in fulfilling his/her role,” the overwhelming majority of the students who filled out the form clicked “strongly agree.” The written-out comments were very positive as well.

Except for one person. He or she clicked “strongly disagree,” and then wrote a very negative comment.

You can’t please everyone, I guess.

Quality of life

Quality of lifeThere is a girl in one of the sections of the class that I’m a TA for, who every once in a while, gives me cartoons that she draws while she works on her essays.

I think this one was inspired by discussions that we had in conference regarding quality of life, and the permissibility of euthanasia.

If you missed the cartoon about Signposting, check it out, too. It’s little things like this that made my job as a TA just that much better.


Something that one of my students drew for me
Something that one of my students drew for me

Being a TA is one of the best parts of grad school. In the class that I’m a TA for, the first essay of the year was due last Monday. I guess I must have done a good job emphasising good “signposting” in essay-writing in my conferences, because this week, one of my students came up to me and handed me this hand-drawn cartoon that she made while writing her essay.

Some of the other grad students say I should put it up somewhere in the philosophy grad student office.

By the way, I do realise that it’s been over a month since I posted last. Sorry guys! My life is pretty complicated right now, and I don’t want to blog about it yet, because there are people who I need to talk to in person, before I start letting the whole world know what’s up with me. I expect that sometime this week, I will resume regular posting again.