Vote Compass result

Vote Compass Result
Vote Compass Result

I have a policy of never telling anyone who I vote for. That said, here is the result I got on the Vote Compass. It’s a fun and enlightening tool—one that would be a helpful starting-place for people who don’t follow Canadian politics very closely, but who still want to be responsible citizens and cast an informed ballot.

You tell it what you think about a few political issues, and then it tells you where you are on the economic and social political spectra, and which parties are closest to you. You can even indicate which issues are important to you, and then it adjusts the picture to compensate!

I’m surprised that I’m not further to the economic left, to be honest.

I’m looking forward to Democracy Day, which I’m told has been scheduled for May 2. My favourite part of elections are the personal, petty attacks on party leaders’ character. Why, I remember the provincial election back in 2003 when I was a student at UWO. There was a press release from the PC party of Ontario, calling Dalton McGuinty an “evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet.” I hope that something like that happens again. Politics can be so much fun when people who should know better do things like that.

Edit: I just noticed that Google has decided that the ad next to this post should be the one for the Vote Compass. Awesome. :)