When applying to medical schools in Ontario, you have to fill in an online application with OMSAS. This is nice, because it means that you don’t have to fill out a different form for each school, but there’s a few bugs that I have noticed.

One of the parts of the application is a sort of autobiographical sketch where you can brag about some of the things you’ve done that would make you an excellent candidate for medical school. For each of these things, however, you need to provide a “verifier.” A verifier is someone who can vouch for the fact that you actually did what you claim you did.

One thing that I’m pretty proud of, that I think would look good on the application, is the small business I started in my second year. Everything in the autobiographical sketch needs a verifier, but I can’t think of anyone who it would be appropriate to list there, so I put my very own self down as a verifier.

If they want more proof, I can scan and send them a copy of my old business licence, I suppose.

By the way, I’m not avoiding the question about why I decided to apply for medical school again. I’m just trying to write a response that’s good, or one that could at least serve as an outline for an answer to that question, which will be asked on a number of applications.