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The rollers that we used to paint our apartment
The rollers that we used to paint our apartment

One of the terms of our lease that we negotiated was that the maintenance man from our building would help us to paint our apartment. This guy is great. He’s very helpful and friendly, and he’s good at what he does, too.

So on Monday afternoon, he stopped by and showed me and Pickles how to start to paint our new apartment. What a great deal! Especially considering that neither Pickles nor I know how to paint. At all. Seriously. One of those skills that I never learned how to do when growing up.

The study, before painting
The study, before painting

When he came to give us our instructions, he told us that he wants us to do the “rolling,” and then he’ll do all the “cutting” on Friday. What that means, for the non-initiate (like me), is that we will be priming and applying paint to all the big surfaces of the apartment, and then he will come along and fix up all the edges and the small details that we can’t get with paint-rollers.

Our apartment is starting to look like a real-people home!

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  1. Hi Ben — I love your blog. I’m glad you got a response from u-haul. I’ve written them as well – by snail mail. Actually, I’ve written 5 letters. One to the Canadian headquarters, one to the CEO in Phoenix Arizona and one to each of the three Public Relation Specialists down there. It’s amazing the information they give out on the internet!

    My sewing machine has stopped working. Bad time of the year to have it go down. I’m going to take it into the shop tomorrow morning. Hopefully they can fix it and it won’t take too long. I’m not in the spot were I can afford to buy a new one.

    Yesterday afternoon I along with many others from our church gathered in our church parking lot hoping to wave at Ben Elliot as he flew over. He wished to fly (in an aeroplane) and go fishing before he died. Pastor Elliot tried very hard to get a plane, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Charlie took pictures of all the people -50 to a 100 turned out- and we will send them along to Ben E. I took some pictures too and will be sending them to you via snail mail. We are all praying that the opportunity to fly will present itself before it is too late.

    I have other pictures to share with you and Nicole – Steph’s wedding, your move, your graduation, the destruction of Caledonia St., and others. Keep looking for that large envelope.
    Hog, hog I love you both Mom XOXOX

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