Why is that there?

This is the James Administration Building at McGill University
This is the James Administration Building at McGill University

Here is the James Administration Building at McGill. It is a big stone building just to the right of the Arts Building, and that’s where I went to get my student card. I expect that I’ll spend many long hours there in line-ups, just like I did at the Stevenson-Lawson Building at UWO.

But did you notice something strange? Look closely at the photograph and tell me if you see what I see.

Look just above the McGill crest, between the two swirlies over the “ADMINISTRATION” doorway. There’s a frog. Why is there a frog? Below is a close-up. I’ll give you 4 whole points if you can tell me why there’s a frog, and why it’s a slightly different colour than the rest of the stonework above the door.

Why is there a frog?
Why is there a frog?

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4 thoughts on “Why is that there?”

  1. “McGill’s Department of Biology had outgrown its quarters in the 1920s and so, in 1922, McGill commissioned … a new Biology Building … the McGill crest placed over the main entrance was capped by a frog to signify the purpose of the structure.”

    “In 1965, the Department of Biology required more modern labs and facilities and still more space. McGill responded to this need by building the Stewart Biological Sciences Building on Dr. Penfield Avenue. Shortly after this, Old Biology Building was renovated to become the present James Administration Building”


    Im racking up the points. Woot!

    (FYI, I was in NY last week visiting my sis, thats why my IP was in NY. I heard there was some confusion lol.)

  2. Tim, I’m trying to convince Murph to have a reward system for the points. For example we could have it where if you get 50 points we will mail you a McGill notebook or something.

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