Anyone lose their keys?

Big keychain in front of the Wong Building
Big keychain in front of the Wong Building

In front of the Wong Building there is a couple gigantic metal keys, attached to an equally huge anvil as a key-fob. You get 6 points if you can tell me why this is there.

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2 thoughts on “Anyone lose their keys?”

  1. “Montreal artist Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz was commissioned to produce the “keys” that dominate the front entrance: the sculpture, representing knowledge, is made of brass, copper and stainless steel, all materials used in the departments the building houses.”


  2. Nice! The points are yours, Tim! I thought that would have been a harder one to figure out, but you did it!

    Attention everyone else on the whole internet: Tim is still winning.

    I will give an extra one bonus point to the next non-Tim person who correctly answers a question with a point-value that on this blog. Let’s have some competition!

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