Morty’s driving school

I never knew.
I never knew.

We have a friend who goes by the name “Morty.” I can’t believe he’s been keeping this from us. I like the use of clip-art in the sign.

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9 thoughts on “Morty’s driving school”

  1. Walk-in business tripled when I changed the motorcycle riders shirt colour from black to blue.

  2. I’m sorry but this is my fathers business and he never changed any motorcycle riders shirt. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  3. That’s because this is not your business. My father has owned it for over 30 years and built it from the ground up. Stop pretending this is yours. Me and my brothers and all their friends helped move from his first office to that store front in the picture. You know this business isn’t yours! If this is your business tell me when did we change office locations?

  4. You should go visit the Morty’s Driving School group page on Facebook and see the pictures in the group to see my father MORTY standing with my brother and all his friends. And you will also see a picture of my brother’s friend Matt standing in front of my father’s Morty’s car.

  5. Dad, who is this guy, and why does he want us to join a facebook page for your business. You didn’t set up a facebook page.

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