Fixing my pants

My hulking-out pants
My hulking-out pants

So for a couple years now, whenever I went to the gym, I wore this old pair of sweaty pants that had a small hole on the right side. It was along the outside of the leg, so you couldn’t see anything, but it was immediately below the pocket, and slowly getting bigger.

Since I haven’t been feeling well lately, I’ve been stuck inside, and so I finally got around to fixing it.

I couldn’t find the end of the black thread, so I used the red thread instead. I figure, they’re hulking-out pants, not fashion pants.¬†And I did a terrible job with the stitching, so it won’t last. But that’s okay, because it’s red stitching, so it was bad to begin with.

But on the upside, when I’m feeling better, there won’t be a giant hole in my pants when I go to work out. :)

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