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I’ve been looking for a summer job for the past couple months. I sent out approximately 120 emails to different professors, asking if they had research assistantships available for the summer.

In short order, I received approximately 120 emails from these professors, all telling me that they had no work for me. I don’t mind getting rejection messages, to be honest. At least that way I don’t spend much time getting my hopes up or waiting to hear back from them.

Next, I signed up on a number of job-search websites. There’s one that sends me daily emails with jobs sorted by criteria that I choose, like “student jobs in MontrĂ©al.” Another one lets you save a job search as an RSS feed and subscribe to it using your newsreader, so that whenever there are new jobs that match your search, they show up there.

I haven’t totally given up hope on having a “real people job” this summer, but things are looking pretty grim. My French isn’t super-fantastic, (although for most purposes it is passable) so I can’t say that I’m bilingual, which means that I’m not qualified even to work at Tim Horton’s or Walmart.

I’m going to continue to look for, and apply for any job that I’m even close to qualified for, but in the meantime, I’m going to start to focus my efforts more on my web design business. I’m gonna finish up a few lingering jobs that I’ve been working on during the school year, and then try to find some new clients. I looked at my budget, did some math, and discovered that I don’t need more than a few new jobs to make it through the summer, until OSAP comes in again for next year.

My action plan, moving forward is that I will work my network of contacts, re-design and re-launch, put some ads on Kijiji and maybe even pay for some Google ads.

And if worst comes to worst, I can always resort to medical experiments or selling non-essential body parts on the black market, right?

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9 thoughts on “Summer job”

  1. I excited for your webdesign business to get going again. :)

    You’ll be happy to learn that in the years you’ve been away from the interets it has become more acceptable to make websites that don’t target IE6!

  2. Yeah, I’ve been following that trend with great satisfaction. Google doesn’t support IE6, Amazon doesn’t support it … it’s a good time to hate IE6. :)

  3. And IE8 is actually pretty good. I use it at work since our software targets IE exclusively and it seems to have a lot less ‘gotchas’ than previous versions.

    Not as fast at javascript rendering as firefox or opera but still a decent browser.

  4. Oh, that’s not the worst I’ve seen. I would certainly having a full-time job re-doing all the bad sites out there, but the trick is to get them to pay you for it.

    I’m working on a refresh of Here’s what I’ve got so far:

    Once I get some real testimonials from past and current clients, I think I’ll launch it and put up some Kijiji ads.

    What do you think?

  5. Nifty! I love the logo too. I’m having a bugger of a time coming up with a logo for an application called Branches at the moment. It sounds easy, but it’s biting me very hard. Right now I’m experimenting with brain-neurons/branching ideas and it still doesn’t like me.

    Also, LOVE bulb man. I laughed. I still think I’ve got the vid of him turning on the C4C logo. Good times.

  6. Hmmm … “Branches,” huh?

    Have you tried something with tree branches?

    Bulbman was something of an afterthought, but he fit in there pretty well, I think. :) I don’t think that C4C even ended up using Bulbman, even after all that time they got me to put into it. But then, maybe we won’t get into that too much. :|

  7. Yeah, The tree idea was where I started, but it’s an application that makes connections. . so hence the brain stuff.

    Also, when the Loopies had a camping reunion trip last August, the main topic of conversation was how C4C barely used ANYTHING that we worked on. Including Rob’s awesome stuff. . . So it wasn’t just you who got shafted.

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