New gym

An ad for a trainer at my new gym
An ad for a trainer at my new gym

Because I have a new job that is in the opposite direction of the McGill campus, it didn’t make that much sense to get a summer membership at the McGill fitness centre. So, I joined a gym that is one M├ętro station away from where I work.

What’s kind of funny about this gym is that it’s almost always completely empty. It’s in a mall where nearly half the stores are empty. But then you go inside, and there’s a very well-equipped gym that just doesn’t have that many clients. It’s great – I don’t have to wait for any machines there at all.

While I was there this week past, I noticed a sign posted to the wall next to the water fountain, which was an advertisement for private personal trainers at the gym. Look at the last bullet. It’s like the person writing it got bored halfway through the last sentence and decided to print up a dozen copies and post them anyway.

Editing is important!

I tried to send this photo by text message to a bunch of my friends, but it was too small for them to read on their phones, typically. One of them texted me back, saying he guessed it said “Taser results … adequate.”

I think that would have made for an interesting personal training programme at a gym, actually. I bet taser results would be adequate indeed!

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