Important people I saw at Québec City

Bonhomme de Neige
Bonhomme de Neige

While I was in Québec City, my path crossed two important people. The first and most important was of course Bonhomme de Neige himself. I nearly missed him, but I happened to arrive just as he was leaving, so that I could snap about a dozen shots of him, paparazzi-style.

Later that day, while I was walking along a road between the Plains of Abraham and the Carnaval, I saw a big SUV drive past me, and I noticed that it had a blue flag with a royal symbol on it.

I remarked that I thought that it was a royal standard on the car that passed, but my friend told me that we would have heard if the Queen was coming. After the first car came a couple other RCMP cars.

The Governor General of Canada, David Johnston
The Governor General of Canada, David Johnston

When the car stopped, out jumped David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada. Apparently he had come to visit Québec City. And he passed within two metres of me!

So, I ran up and took a half dozen photos of him, paparazzi-style, since that seemed to be the thing to do that day.

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2 thoughts on “Important people I saw at Québec City”

  1. I’m impressed that you recognized the current GG when you saw him? Or did you use the internets to confirm your conclusion?

  2. I did use the internet afterward to confirm my conclusion, but I knew it was him when I saw him.

    It was partly the royal standard on the car he was in, and partly the two RCMP cars following him. I put it all together for certain when I saw an old man get out of the car, with a bunch of military-looking people around him, making a big deal about him.

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