“Rethinking the Ethics of Clinical Research” by Wertheimer

I’m reading this book on the advice of my supervisor, since he thinks that it will be useful in writing my thesis. He’s very right. It’s the first edition of the book that has been published, and so, as I’ve been reading it, I’ve been keeping a list of the mistakes in spelling, grammar or typography that I find in the book. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve been tweeting the mistakes as I find them, too.

Apparently my supervisor and Wertheimer are academic rivals, and so my supervisor was very pleased to hear that I was doing this. He kindly offered to email it to Wertheimer himself for use in correcting future editions. :)

I’ve finally compiled all the tweets, scraps of paper and other places where I recorded the mistakes I found in “Rethinking.” Here they are:

  • Mistake, p. 5 paragraph 2, “its” should be “it’s”
  • Mistake, p. 27 paragraph 2, “requires” should be “require”
  • Mistake, p. 76 “the” shouldn’t be there
  • Typo, p. 96 closing parenthesis after “Department Meeting” is italicised
  • Typo, p. 103 “comprehend” should be negated
  • Typo, p. 111 “by passer” should be “passerby”
  • Mistake, p. 133 “A risk or a burden?” has no verb in it. Just saying.
  • Typo, p. 139 space between “society” and period before ellipsis
  • Typo, p. 139 unmatched quotes around “new miracle cures”
  • Typo, p. 145 unmatched closing quotation marks after “accept”
  • Typo, p. 171 opening quote before “it” should be closing quote after “good” in 3rd paragraph
  • Mistake, p. 181 “anymore” should be “any more” at the end of the page
  • Mistake, p. 182 “disproportionately” should be “disproportionality” in 2nd (new) paragraph
  • Mistake, p. 188 whole sentence is copied nearly verbatim.
  • Typo, p. 198 missing space after ellipsis
  • Typo, p. 200 only two points in ellipsis at end of 5
  • Typo, p. 200 need space after ellipsis in 7
  • Typo, p. 210 weird line break before “competitive” in 1st paragraph
  • Typo, p. 224 space needed after endnote 60
  • Typo, p. 269 four points in ellipsis after “reciprocity”
  • Typo, p. 280 missing period after “B accepts”
  • Typo, p. 311 four points in ellipsis before “the importance”
  • Typo, p. 312 backslash between “physician” and “investigators” in 2nd paragraph

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