Periodontal surgery today

This morning at 9h30, I will have the last of the periodontal operations that my dentist recommended last summer. I’ve been having surgery on my gums because apparently my teeth are too long. Last November, he went in and pulled the gums down over my top teeth. Today, he’s gonna take one part of my gums and put it over my bottom teeth.

The guy says that my gums aren’t a problem now, but that they might become a problem in a few years, if they’re left going the way they are. I’m just glad that my PGSS health insurance covers part of it. (They don’t however, cover nearly as much as they say they will on their website.)

On the upside, I’m done all my marking (for the moment) and I don’t have any other particular meetings scheduled for the rest of the day, so I can just recover. Or at least, that’s the plan.

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