Two more things that annoy me about Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

Okay, I promise that after this, I will stop posting about the shortcomings of Word. Just two more things, I swear. And they’re little things too.

Horizontal scroll bug
Horizontal scroll bug

First, every time that I open a document (a new one, or a saved one), the horizontal scroll bar seems to indicate that I could scroll just a little bit to the right, or that I’m not quite zoomed out far enough to see the entire document.

This is, of course, not true. The instant that I resize the window, Word realises that the width of the document in view is the ¬†full width of the document, and removes the horizontal scroll bar, but it really bothers me that it’s always there. I shouldn’t have to resize my document window every time I open it up, just to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar. It’s sloppy.


Save as
Save as

Second, if I push command-N, which makes a brand-new Word document, then save it, without changing any of the formatting or even entering any text or doing anything to it at all, I get a “Save as” sheet like the one shown in the attached image.

What I don’t like about this is that the default settings give me a yellow exclamation mark in a triangle and red warning text that says, “Compatibility check recommended.”

To get rid of the red text and yellow triangle, I need to click on “Compatibility Report …” then run a compatibility report, and of course, it turns up that there’s nothing to worry about, and it goes away.

Why should Word give me a warning when I don’t do a single thing that could possibly offend it? I’m trying to save a blank Word document. I should only get red letters and yellow exclamation marks in the case that I’m doing something strange. Maybe if I had inserted a linked document or a table or something like that, then I could expect it to warn me that saving it would have some compatibility issues.

Then again, maybe this is a commentary on the compatibility of Word with other versions of Word.

It’s the little things that really make me wonder about this software.

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