Summer quidditch

The weather was beautiful this Saturday past, and so of course, we played quidditch.

For the first time, I got to be play as a chaser. Usually I’m a beater, which means that I throw the bludgers at people, which is very satisfying.

Chasing is also satisfying, but in a different way. The goal of a chaser is to put the quaffle through the other team’s hoops. This means more catching and passing, which I’m not especially strong at, although by the end I was getting better than how I had started. It also meant more running and tackling—something I think I enjoyed just as much as bludgeoning other players with a bludger.

My goal for next year is still to be a snitch, but I’m going to have to work on my endurance a lot to pull that off. I’ll also have to talk to the McGill snitch to see if she can give me some tips. That said, at least for summer practices, I think I’m gonna have some fun and try out all the positions. Except keeper. I’m not tall enough to be a good keeper.

Also this Saturday I learned that there will indeed be enough people from the quidditch team around Montréal this summer to be able to have summer quidditch practices. This makes me happy. :)

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