Surprisingly funny business names: Nettoyeur Clean-Marie

Nettoyeur Clean-Marie
Nettoyeur Clean-Marie

I’ve walked past this storefront countless times in the past two years, but it wasn’t until about a week ago that I got the joke.┬áThe major street that runs through my neighbourhood is called “Chemin Queen-Marie.” The laundry place is called “Nettoyeur Clean-Marie.”

These people are now my heroes. This is the greatest thing I’ve heard since my mother defined the olympic luge as “when you don’t winge.”

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2 thoughts on “Surprisingly funny business names: Nettoyeur Clean-Marie”

  1. Hey. Just stumbled upon ur blog and had to post. Since im the owners daughter and really had to know who u r. U should pass by n say hi and claim urself lol. Happy to hear that we r “ur new heroes” lol

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