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So the Online Game Theory course that I was talking about started, and it’s just as good as I thought it would be! As of when I’m posting this, you have forty-five minutes left to register, if you want to join me.

I took an actual university course for credit in Decisions Analysis when I was an undergrad, which was one of the best educational experiences of my life. Decisions Analysis is the science of making rational decisions under conditions of uncertainty. The way that the profs for the online Game Theory course describe Game Theory is that it is the science of describing the actions of idealised actors within a particular system, given certain simplifying assumptions. Decision Theory, they say, is like a subset of Game Theory—it is like Game Theory where there’s only one player. This is very exciting to me.

I have already learned how to formalise a number of things that I investigated during the course of my thesis. Further, I now know what the actual definition of a Nash equilibrium is. It’s a concept that I had a sort of fuzzy handle on before, but now I think I could express it formally using proper notation and apply the concept to ideas like the medical research enterprise or smartphone application development systems.

I’ll keep you updated with regard to some of the more interesting results that I find. :)

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