The Carlisle-Desroches Quidditch Hoop Construction Manual

I discovered last week that the Carlisle-Desroches Quidditch Hoop Construction Manual was incorporated into the latest version of the IQA rulebook! Hooray!

We never received any official notice from the IQA—we found out about this when one of my teammates noticed a reference to the design on the IQA site. Anyway, we’re honoured, and this has inspired us to put some more work into it. Also, one of the members of the McGill Quidditch team has asked us to re-think the bases for the hoops this summer.

Hence, we plan to build, test and release the Mark II Carlisle-Desroches Quidditch Hoop over the course of the summer. The new design which will be the same as the original, but with an alternate base that’s probably made of PVC rather than the current bucket-o-concrete. For the record, I like the bucket-o-concrete, but some have raised concerns about safety. They’re afraid that people will hit their heads.

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2 thoughts on “The Carlisle-Desroches Quidditch Hoop Construction Manual”

  1. Friend:
    I have a question regarding the construction plans.
    They call for a 17l bucket (5 Gal).
    1 30kg bag of cement.

    In putting four to five inches of concrete into the 5 gallon buckets (like an empty 5 agllon paint bucket), I used about 2 and 1/2 , 27.2 KG (60 lbs.) bags of concrete.
    pressing question: Is the bucket I have he wrong size or is the 1- 30 kg bag of concrete listed a misprint???
    Please respond asap. I’m in the construction phase
    I appreciate you assistance in the matter
    Thank you, Ed Welz

  2. Hey, great to hear that the design is still in use. :)

    So the amounts of concrete are approximate, but the one bag should be plenty. Only put in enough to keep the pole upright and to provide enough weight that the base is stable.

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