If I were the philosopher-king of the world

  • All measurements would be metric, even in America. This would include recipes. (“T” is different from “t”? Why?)
  • The 12-hour clock would be abolished in favour of a 24-hour clock.
  • Time zones would be abolished. Every clock would be set to GMT, Beijing time, I don’t care, just make it consistent.
  • Dates would be written in compliance with ISO 8601.
  • Daylight savings time would be abolished.
  • The calendar would be reformed to something that makes sense.
  • Academic references and style guidelines would be standardised across all disciplines and publications once and for all. Academic citations would be hyperlinked in all electronic versions.
  • Usernames and passwords would be gone forever.
  • AAA batteries would be illegal
  • DRM would be illegal, and for that matter, copyright / patent law would be a very different thing.
    • Maybe copyright on a creative work would last 28 years only, with no extensions? (Ahem, Disney.)
  • There would be a universal maximum wage, indexed to a universal minimum wage, and a guaranteed basic income.
  • The laws regarding royal succession for Canada would be changed such that the queen of Canada is chosen by random lottery among Canadian citizens.

I have opinions.

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