Here’s some materials for learning Lojban

Here are a few of the resources that I’ve been using to learn Lojban so far. I will very likely update and expand this list as time goes on.

Basics on Lojban

Good Lojban reference sites

Flash cards for learning Lojban

Anki (free and open source for Linux/Mac/Windows/Android/iOS)

  • Has a set of Lojban cards
  • Syncs between devices

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3 thoughts on “Here’s some materials for learning Lojban”

  1. coi la .benjamin. .i mi’e pelxu

    Hey, I too am a lojban enthusiast. I started learning about a year ago. I thought I would give you some of my resources. I’ve been learning off of the Wave lessons continued. The site seems to be having issues at the moment, so just google that later. Another great resource is An amazing place. I go by this name (pelxu or ti_pelxu) on reddit and #lojban, so you may find me, though I’m more of a lurker.

  2. coi la .pelxu.

    Thanks for saying hi!

    I’m working through Lojban for Beginners and the Anki flashcards right now, but I’ve done a couple of the Wave lessons too, which have been helpful.

    You aren’t located in MontrĂ©al are you? :)

  3. So long as we are throwing out resources, I’ll add the Complete Lojban Language, the reference grammar and greatest achievement of the Lojban community. Its very ambitious and exceedingly well-written, considering that. It’s available for free in hypertext format at lojban dot github dot io slash cll, and you can also buy a physical copy from the Logical Language Group directly or through Amazon.

    My usual recommendation for people learning Lojban is to start with the CLL and then read an undergraduate textbook on predicate logic.

    Good luck and have fun. I’d be curious to hear about your experiences learning the language, why you are doing so, and what you end up getting out of it.

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